Twicetagram ends up on Billboard's "20 Best K-pop Albums of 2017"!

With the Album "Twicetagram" coming out at the end of 2017 it was very fortunate to end up on the "Best Of" list for 2017! Below is the excerpt from, or click the link below to read the full article



19. Twice, Twicetagram

While TWICE have become queens of the irresistibly catchy single, their debut full-length Twicetagram proves they can craft an entire collection of incredible bubblegum hits. Lead single "Likey" was one of 2017's most addictive tracks, but it's hard to even say it was the strongest pop cut on the LP. The punchy chants on "FFW," the light techno-pop vibe on "Love Line" and the guitar-infused dance breakdowns on "Missing U" all have production elements that the world's pop stars dream about, and TWICE deliver it all with their signature sweet vocals, proving that they can craft a body of work that satisfies way past its single. -- JEFF BENJAMIN

Darren Smith